Rockin Demo – The Truth Behind The Tooth

Because social media sites, especially YouTube, continue to remove my renditions of Granny’s videos this site was created.  Granny’s videos continue to exist on YouTube and Facebook.  Her videos are vulgar and offensive.  We will be expanding this site to include all of Granny’s videos, of course with our own spin on them.    Please watch, enjoy and tell your friends.  If you are here because you are a supporter of Granny and her antics, you are really in the wrong place.  All your views will only make this site more popular.


105 thoughts on “Rockin Demo – The Truth Behind The Tooth

    1. Does anyone here know she murdered her daughter and severely let her son be raped repeatedly?????? She is the what the pond Scum feeds on!!

      1. She didn’t kill her daughter. She only had one child who she let get raped over and over again. The one your talking about, her name was Marie. Had to go look it all up.

        1. Maria Conklin was the murderer.

          This site is about Maria Conklin Matthie….who let a woman molest and rape her son. She did jail time for that after pleading guilty. Not a murderer….but still effing disgusting.

          1. She did 1mth jail for letting the women move into her home & repeatedly rape her son for 1 mths rent! But if they hadn’t of got caught after a month how long would the putrid bitch would of keeper let the pedophile raping her son! As far as I am concerned the both women should of been sentenced for quite a few years each not a fucking month what a fucking joke!

        2. You are most definetly wrong lady! She had 3 children! Do you know how to use Google? Dang, right along with her aren’t you. Lol you are a sad individual!

          1. Omg!!! You rather insult than just admit your wrong. She did not murder her daughter. This is a totally different person.

      2. You are WRONG! She murdered no one. You have the wrong Maria.
        She did allow an adult to move in and have sex with her minor child tho…

          Marie Conklin will get to see the child she gave birth to while in jail for killing her older daughter.

          Sara Ann Conklin came into this world under harsh circumstances on Aug. 29, 1998.

          Her pregnant mother, Marie Conklin, had stabbed herself while she was in jail. She was awaiting trial for stabbing her 3-year-old daughter to death a month and a half earlier.

          Marie Conklin was later ruled incompetent to stand trial because she suffered from bi-polar disorder.

          She has been in Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Center since then, receiving treatment and evaluation.

          1. that is Marie, MARIA didnt kill her kid but she did allow someone to rape her son.. there is a MARIE that killed her kid, and a MarIA that allowed her son to be raped…

      3. Different lady, but this Maria allowed her 14 yr old son to be molested in her own home by a 30 something year old lady/pedophile that they met online. Invited the disgusting woman to live in their home where she molested Maria’s son WITH HER CONSENT! Both served time for rape and child endangerment

      4. She was found mentally unstable in the murder
        As far as the son, all accounts say her son was Internet talking to some older woman, who came from out west, granny let her stay in the house while she got it on the the kid.

      5. She never murdered anyone, He was a 13 year old boy sleeping with a 22 year old woman…should that ever happened? absolutely not! Get your facts straight, before you go slandering someone, this makes you part of that pond scum

      6. Marie Conklin is who killed her daughter….not same person. The story letting that woman move in to be with her YOUNG son, is absolutey true. She a disgusting pig.

      7. She did NOT murder her daughter. She is sick but damn, don’t accuse her of doing stiff that’s NOT true

      8. Actually (and I can’t stand her so please don’t take this wrong), she is not the Maria who killed her daughter. Just an FYI. Do a little research.

  1. The video “Granny’s weird friend” you best be taking that down and now. I reported it because that my sister’s video from youtube. As matter of fact I reported this whole site so don’t be surprised if something happens to it or you. I am done being nice to you idiots who do this to others.

    1. Hi Heather, who did you report it to? The Internet Police? Your sister clearly has some issues, so out of respect for the disabled I have changed the name. Let’s remember she posted this video on an open forum. When you do that it is possible that the video might be shared. How do you think all the porn videos show up on all the sites. I posted it because she has a real attachment to Granny. She is not my interest. If you have such a concern maybe you should monitor her internet use. I could post all of her videos showing her filthy house but I didn’t. Careful of your threats Ohio takes that shit seriously. Take my gesture with some gratitude otherwise Fuck the Hell off.

    2. Sorry but what she’s done is sickening letting her own son get raped for her own pleasures is disgusting then she also killed her own daughter didn’t she or maybe it was her sister was that sister you !!!

      She’s a embarrassment and absoutly disgusting she needs to get some standards for one and for second get some self respect and thirdly she shouldn’t be out of behind bars for what she’s done it’s as simple as that !!!

  2. Little Man is really pissed now, everyone now knows how he is on ssi and foodstamps and medicade. It has been obvious he has been saying how he is an unemployed dad how does people think he is paying his rent bills and other shit from him and his kids ssi money he is a bum. Now in new video he is saying he is self employed and works 7 days a week, make up you mind to what lies you want to make up already. Anyone that cannot see through this scammer and see he is a scammer is really stupid. He practically begged for people to send him money to set up a po box and they did. suckers

        1. He is not a Matthie but first said he hated her then tried to be friends and Granny wants to hump him. Uggghh. I don’t like to use his real name and give him any attention.

  3. She blocked me on the “rocking demo” facebook page..most likely because I left a comment telling people that there was an incident where a woman messaged her asking her what type of things she needed and Demo just said she needed money. When the woman told her how she wouldn’t send money but she would gladly purchase her some things she was in need of the bitch got all irate and nasty. Now, if someone really needs help from others they woukd take any type of help offered… if they are strictly just begging for cash than there is something shady going on. Beggers can’t be choosers. It’s comical to me that people actually believe this lunatics sob story..
    Question up above and on a few other of the pages on your awesome site… it says “35 thoughts on the rockin matthies” but I can’t click on it… is that jus means there are 35 comments are listed or is there another page that I can’t figure out how to get to? Anywho… totally love your Web page exposing these 2 scamming scumbags.

  4. Who in the hell are these people?? I showed across a YouTube video/channel and am completely at a loss for words!!! Can anyone help me out/give me a brief rundown of who this woman is and where her websites, etc are? This is sad and disgusting all rolled in to one big messy, nasty ball….

  5. Your site is “pretty FUCKING good” keep up the great work. Laughing at the people who think that she has talent is so much fun.

  6. Did you take down the screen shots of Wes texting a girl?? and Is there anywhere else I can find it. My friend didnt get to see it. Tia

  7. What is the nasty thing on her belly button?? She dropped a grain of rice on it in a video the other day. Said she was ” saving it for later “

  8. Y are arguing over murder and molestation? They’re BOTH sick bitches! The fuck??? They belong together as far as I’m concerned.

  9. Will someone please tell me why her vocabulary is so limited? All she says I’d Rock on, Pretty f’n good, F it, an that waooop. Seriously, what’s wrong with her? Anyone?

  10. How is it meth heada are allowed to do whatever the hell they want and post whatever the hell they want? She shouldve gotten more for allowing a grown ass woman to sleep with her just starting into puberty son!! Smfh this disgust me and she disgusts me!!

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