Meet Granny’s Pretend Fiancée CHRIS RAIGE SNOW


This is Chris Raige Snow. 6 Months a relative unknown until he made up a bullshit story about marrying Granny. You might be thinking oh that’s sweet. Problem is these two fucksticks never met. Chris Snow AKA Snow Job lives hundreds of miles away from Granny. So how did this all come about? Chris is a woman transitioning into a man. I respect the right and choice of anyone to change their sex to whatever they believe best suits them. But I will the first to call out a liar when I see one. Snow Job hooked up Granny for this pretend love affair for views and followers, yes a view whore. Snow Job even bought, or better said claimed, to buy a wedding dress to marry the decrepit one. They have broken up from a fuckin relationship they were never in.

Recently Snow Job posted a video of a drunk woman attempting to pressure what appeared to be a minor into kissing her. As soon as people started commenting those videos came down. He has now taken to naming people by name and asking his intellectually stunted followers to stalk and harass them. Wake the fuck up people we are dealing with a person who in my opinion has some serious issues. I will be posting as mush info as I can get. Please stay tuned for updates as I get them

Here is a still shot from a video Snow Job “self produced”