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24 thoughts on “New Video Gallery

    1. Little Man is a whining little bitch. Always looking for the next mass so he can jump on it and try to get views or listeners to his pretend radio show. He is defined as a twat.

      1. I must say your 100% right about that pretentious little cunt. He contradicts himself constantly with his groupies of mentally challanged shut ins lol he throws a patreon birthday bash stream and all 70 fans showed to pacify his lame lonely ass

  1. This is hilarious I can’t stop laughing when I read the captions that you add to the videos it’s so funny I fell off bed laughing

  2. Yay! I’m able to watch videos now!!! It wasn’t letting me for some reason…prolly something I was doing wrong! Lol. Thank you so much for some new material to give my night that Lil extra! Also I’m dying over the CC! I’ve missed it sooo bad!!!

  3. Shittt she’s flying away with what money for a plane ticket and the reason her bag is so empty is cuz she put that one shirt she wears in every video in there

  4. Did you see where she ripped off your captioned vid of her and the mentally retarded guy and has it on her YT channel to make $$?

  5. What exactly is that on her bellybutton!?! I thought it was a piercing at first. But that is the weirdest piercing I’ve ever seen!

  6. Omg!!!! I just found this site !!! I’m loving it !!! Don’t know who is trashier. Granny or the dogs in heat who support her !!!

    1. You are so right. I never comment on her videos but I sure am tempted. You have to be a very strange person to support this nutcase. There is something very, very wrong with her so called “fans” it is obvious they act like they like her so she keeps posting these dumb videos. It must make them feel better about themselves.

      1. SO TRUE!! Infuckingsane is all I can say to all who support this delusional sociopath who claims to be talented. Frankly she reeks!!!!!!! How anyone with an IQ above 60 that aren’t “SPECIAL ” who believe that is beyond me. Perhaps her meds need to be TWEAKED (no Pun intended ) lol .Wake up and smell the bootyjuice oops I mean coffee. SNAP BIATCHES

  7. I’m just seeing this for the 1st time & I’m appalled. If there’s such a thing as “reverse rape” then I just saw it because there’s no way, no how that man would’ve been with that filthy, anorexic whore if he weren’t mentally challenged. Pretty fucking disgusting. Maybe the damned AIDS victim will get hit by a car next time she goes to make another video of herself ‘dancing’ in the damn road like an imbecile in front of her shack of a house.

    1. My sentiments exactly this country has so overdosed on this anti bullying campaign bull shit that it’s now perfectly acceptable for these deviant slumming filth merchants to act out but let’s not hold them accountable because they are Challanged fuck that. Every mass murderer has been Challanged they just had a better peripheral cover then this menace to society. FACT!!!!! Lock this lunatic up somewhere anywheres where her abberent behavior won’t effect other law abiding citizens.

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