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This what Fucktards all over the world woke up to today –

SO what happened to Granny and her channels. Well according to her the Fucktards went on a reporting spree. They reported all her videos and channels. For those who still like pain she is still up and running on, the whore of the Internet, YouTube. At least for now. And if you are really missing some pain her nudes remain up here on www.wescheats.com. Will the Fucktards go after her YouTube account? Only time will tell. I have her that many YouTubers are having issues keeping their garbage videos up on the internet. Let’s all watch the show!

As far as I know Wes has left the area and has moved to another state. He has a new girlfriend. Conspiracy Theories abound on the internet as to whether Wes is still with Granny. Whether he is even with his new girlfriend. I hear that people have threatened to drive carloads of people to their house. Not at all acceptable. My comment is simple, when he was there it was always Granny that asked for cash, gifts and donations. She continues to do her same shit today. She took advantage of, what appeared, to be a mentally challenged man. Wes wherever you are I wish you the best. I hope you really aren’t with Granny because life really didn’t look that grand with her. But wherever you are and whomever you are with is not my business nor my concern. My issue was really never with Wes but with Granny and I won’t lose sight of that and you should all ask yourself the same thing. Granny continues to make her sucker videos to try and extort sympathy from suckers, he doesn’t. So I won’t spend any time on him, he doesn’t make videos. Pay attention to the one doing the shitty videos.

Over this past weekend the “Fucktards” were at it again. They sent pizzas and taxis to the hovel. Watch as Granny tells them the law. Back off or you will be arrested for “no trespassing”


Granny has found a new smelly bastard to replace old Fat Bastard. Rumors continue to circulate about the true whereabouts of Fat Bastard.

Granny got a brand new old man Captioned from Just Me on Vimeo.

For the dirty Little Man. So I have been told that according to Little Man I moderate my comments. He claims to have sent “people” over here to comment. Sorry Little Man or should I say Little Bitch I post them as I see them. You are nothing but a scamming pussy. You have previously set up a gofundme page and then have jumped on others who do the same. You have berated and belittled people on you tube videos and then bitch that others have done the same. You have bitched and whined about people taking medication and yet you have done that and worse. You say I moderate my comments but if anyone comments on your channel and it isn’t some shit kissing your ass you delete it, so who moderates what? You commented today and I posted your comments today. So listen up little shitbag, cause I know you read this, I am not “the Truth”. It might surprise you that there are a lot of people out there who don’t like you. A lot of people who think your little “Fisher-Price” Radio “show” is shit. Get used to it. There are people that don’t like me and I have searched high and low and cannot find a fuck to give. I do not stalk you I really don’t give a flying fuck through a doughnut hole about you and I have told you numerous times to find something else to talk about and yet you keep coming back. You are a loser and a leech on society.

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  1. I think those 2 shit stains belong together! I wish them many years of happiness! Well, as happy as you could be considering how rotten the 2 of them are…

  2. staynegative is living high off his ssi and his kids ssi checks along with several 100 dollars in foodstamps each month. he mooches close to 2000 in cash a month from government not including the free health care and foodstamps.he was in a live video other day cursing up a storm using f word with his kid next to him yet makes me laugh when he will tell people he has a real job when he does nothing but makes several crap videos everyday this guy is a bum, he posts links for people who watch his live feeds to “tip” him, basically he is begging for money and now he is opening up a po box to beg people for stuff him and maria are match made in heaven and deserve each other both pos welfare scum

  3. Wes is actually staying with his sister and brother in-law. Andrew Loveland is the brother in laws name,cant think of the sisters name right now. He is not coming back anytime soon,from what I can see. She has till Wed to get out, no rent paid,no money, utilities are about to be shut off. Landlord told her she could stay for 600, but she has nothing,and Wes took the food stamp card. She can’t get back on HUD,well shes on the waiting list again. No one will help her,not even her son. The guy Kris she was dancing with, slept with her and bounced! He cant help her either. Shes a hot mess!

    1. LMAO! Hot damn! It’s about damn time that skank of a whore got some payback! SHe’s been scamming the system for WAY too long!

  4. LM IS FEELING HIS frustration and taking it out on ANYONE THAT WILL BRING HIM SUBS! Ltitle bitch boy fly me out to Indiana I’m your Huckleberry boy! So what you faced down the Barrel of a weapon. BITCH I have too you AIN’T SHIT ON MY BOOTS . LITTLE WOOSIE PICKING ON WOMEN FOR VIEWS GTFOH PUSS little man staynegtive you boy!

  5. I heard Maria has been bragging about scamming her fans!!I also read an interesting and shocking conversation in the comments about Maria recently trying to scam another woman.The conversation I’m referring to is in the comments on Rockin Demos Santa Baby videoon Youtube where she’s dressed like a mentally handicapped elf dancing around her xmas tree!!

  6. OK…LISTEN GOOD MARIA!!! I just hung up the phone from speaking to your landlord. You need to stop playing on peoples sympathies & do what your landlord is asking. You obviously have to move but that does not mean you will be homeless. No one is going to put you out on the streets, there is housing available for you. You have to make the effort to do something other then scamming for money & playing on peoples sympathies! I’m also aware that you do get HUD so no matter where you live your rent will be paid for you. You need to be thankful that you have the resources available to you that help you get housing & other necessities because there are a lot of people all over the world who do not have them. You also can not tell or pick & choose what apartment suits your fancy, you just need to be thankful for it. You can choose to deal with this or not but doing what you are doing at this point is not going to make you very happy in the end! You can block me or delete me but this notice will continue to go back up on all the social media sites. You also need to know that just because you block or delete something it will still be available for the proper authorizes to see. What you are doing is illegal & you have been given many opportunities to help yourself but you have chose not to take them. The Judge has made it very clear to you what you need to do so now you need to do it. I also know the true facts regarding your husband & why he really left & this is not Wes’ problem or fault as you have stated. Many people have been trying to help you Maria now you need to be responsible & help yourself.

    1. Just have to ask, how in the world did you contact her landlord? I ask this cause I wouldn’t have any idea how to find out who the landlord was .. to me it would be so much fast and better to contact HUD in her area, PLUS DHS, since she claims to get a food card, also [I know you need to much information for this] social security office and to the extra cash she is given.
      Don’t know about her area, but most states you have to report ALL income, even if it was a gift. To get SSI it is based on what you pay for your rent, and if she hasn’t being paying her share [HUD doesn’t always pay it all] then they would take away the part of SSI that she was over paid …. plus it could be consider fraud to all these groups by not being truthful with money.
      I did hear her say on one tapping she didn’t want someone who draws SSI …. the reason for that would be SSI goes by total household income, so Wes might have left due to his income.

      1. It’s pretty easy to find out who the landlord is if you just look up who owns the property.. That is public record

      2. I mean. Damn y’all trying to get her thrown out of her home???..I know what she did was wrong to her son..and the scams.. But to take away her home is messed up…or is it the fact she’s on ssi and is getting money under the table and it not being reported?? There is soo many people out there doing that same thing…some be living large off state help and getting all this extra cash on the side but seriously she prolly only gets 800 maybe 900 a month..that’s nothing really but I understand tax payers getting pissed about that cause many who do collect from the state are capable to work…they mess it up for those who really need help…does maria have to register being caught doing what she did to her son?? Idk how that works…but what is it people want to happen to her!!I’m curious..

    2. What Land lord is going to give out all her private info . I do not believe for one second that someone spoke to the landlord and her freely gave all her private information !! if he did he can be sued!!

  7. This is what is going on as of Now. She is supposed to be homeless making Video’s in the Bathroom of her house. Wes left her because he busted here giving his bestfriend a BJ in his cat at 6am. And 2 woman has sent her 1,000 bucks each.

  8. She’s recently been trying to mess with a mentally challenged man she had posted videos of it but the guys sister found out and they were deleted

    1. You know she’s mentally challenged herself she’s a fucktard sped..but to exploit him was dead wrong..not cute or funny in anyway I’m glad it was taken down because you know assholes would of made ignorant comments about him I’m sure..but goes to show she’s a fucktard and ignorant

  9. I have a bad back…she claims she does also…well i tell ya the way she was bending her back backwards as he hovered over her,wouldn’t be done by anyone with a bad back.I can dance still,but i can’t make some of the movements she can without being in pain.She is on disability for a mental disorder,not physical.There is a way to report fraud to section 8 and S.S.I and i’m seriously thinking i’m gonna report her ass!!She’s a leech on society and needs to be put to work!She says she volunteers at a thrift store…well if you can volunteer,you can work!!She volunteers there to increase her hoard.I know a hoarder who “volunteered” at a thrift store.She’s only there to get first dibs on what comes into the store.She probably has to buy the items but gets a discount,i’m sure.She’s a lazy,greedy,leech

    1. You know she’s full of shit…and you gotta know she’s a sped .I’m sure she was in sped ed during high school..since she’s a fucktard I’m sure she licked the windows of the bus lol

  10. My god who in their right mind would get this woman pregnant??.ugh can’t imagine it…as a matter of fact I can’t even imagine her able to get pregnant at her age…now that full frontal mannnnnn wtf…that was completely unnecessary. Lol…if she had a different head or face her body wouldn’t be that bad I mean iv seen much worse I just can’t get past the face…her tits are funky looking too..haha…but as I said before her videos are lame and stupid we watch her eat which is always “pretty fucken good”… And watch her smoke ,sing if that’s what you call it, and dance the same way to every song..what annoys me tho every song she plays good songs but its not the original band/singer haha I know stupid right but it does annoy me..so as I said her videos are just stupid but damn why can’t I stop watching its like a sick guilty pleasure

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