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I get many requests for a comment section. So here it is.

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  1. wow you sound thirsty for views yourself going after these people especially LM, i know who it is and are you hung up on his nuts too? Get off of it and get a life and quit putting cancerous stuff on the internet, someone was TRIGGERED by him. he does NOT bully obese women n hate them, i am a big girl and he has been very nice and respectful to me, not how u claim. Get a life and leave these people alone come up with some original crap on ur own.

    1. Drinking the Shitbag Kool-Aid I see. Clearly I have “triggered” the little dirtball. Apparently he spends a lot of time talking about me. That little bitch is obsessed.

      1. Someone is stealing identities and it’s one of her fans -I’m almost sure!! A couple of people who commented on Rockin Demos,videos are now having their bank accounts,Amazon accounts and,SS numbers comprimized -Be careful!!

        1. Seriously? Did someone tell you that? My phone was recently hacked into and my YouTube acct. I noticed my comments were being changed to something I would never say. I don’t like maria at all. My phone was clicking on stuff without me touching it. I deleted my Google acct. My phone service provider password was changed and I had to call them to get it all straightened out. I will never comment on her videos again. She’s a evil nasty old woman and hopefully her craziness will come to a end soon. Anyone who supports her is just as bad.

    1. Hey, I had a look at the pics, I’ve got way better pics of Chris Raige Snow junk than that itty bitty weaner on here.. I just don’t know what to do with them and they’re for real hmm,!!!!

    1. Thanks, I have been working on revamping the videos section. The old section was just too unwieldy. I will be posting videos more frequently. I didn’t want to post too many because it was a pain to set them up again. Look for more videos.

      1. I just stumbled across these two and their videos. Someone directed me to this page and I’m completely confused. I thought those two were putting on a show for the net. I had no idea they were really that way and clearly under the influence of something. You obviously know more about them than I and I was wondering if you can brief me as to why you have made this page and what you’re beef is with them and how it started. Just to be clear, I cannot stand them either. Sorry for being nosey, I’m just curious….

        1. My story with them is pretty straight forward. About 2 years ago or so I saw a video of them on FB. She looked like she was drugged and being held against her will on some kind of tenement. I looked for info on her and found an ample supply of their videos. In fact at one point I had more of her videos posted on my channel than she did on hers. I started commenting on her videos. Soon she disabled the comments. So I created a YT channel and posted her videos right after she posted them so we could all comment. She reported me and the channel was taken down. So I started another channel and the same result. A third time, new channel, same result. You have probably seen her sexual indiscretions regarding her then minor son. She did her time (30 days) and I hope that she learned her lesson. She doesn’t work and claims disability, yet she moves just fine. Awkardly but fine. She claims that she is short on food but always has enough for cigarettes and booze. She is a scammer and all of her videos are piss poor acting slyly seeking for people to send her money or ugly clothes. Is there a job out there for her? I am sure there is. But anyway, I knew that if I was going to continue to do what I was doing I would have to get away from YT. YT is bullshit. I would post a Granny video (BTW she is only 49) and I would get a warning that it contained inappropriate content while hers remains up. So I created this site. Granny didn’t ever offer us anything positive but I have met so many people because of her. Great people, needy people, crazy people, and really just some shitty people. Many will not like what I do, some will send me shitty comments and think that I some how care that they wrote shit about me. Many will come here and want to see what goes on and really like it. From looking at the view meter there are a lot that are interested in what I do. Some will think riding my coat-tails will also get them views for their little pretend radio show. I welcome the Granny Hater or the Fucktards, as they are known, and I welcome those that hate what I do, both just make the site more popular. So either way I’ll be here doing this when I have time, reading the comments, posting them negative or positive, being entertained by both. But I’ll be here and all are welcome. Hope that answers your question.

          1. You said “Some will think riding my coat-tails will also get them views for their little pretend radio show.”
            Are you saying that you are responsible for the way his “little pretend radio show”and channel have blown up? He has become very popular and has thousands of subscribers and his channels are all growing every day. I know that you had nothing to do with my admiration of him. I’m sorry but, just being honest here, you’re the one who looks like you’re riding his coat tails and you and all of your “followers” are starting to look really desperate and strange. Does your whole life revolve around him and the Matthies? Are you married? What does your wife think about your obsession? Just curious. Tell Tammy Wheeler and “Jelly Bean” and “The Truth” I said hi.

          2. Yep I have been uncovered I am riding a little losers coat-tails. Maybe Dragon you could explain exactly how? He has a stupid little pretend radio show and hopes to make a quick buck off of it. I don’t make any money off this and could really give a shit who comes to this site. I put shit up and if people come and look great if not so be it I don’t depend on this as my livelihood. If you are asking if I am married it sounds like you might have been spoon fed Little Man bullshit. One time I said my wife thinks I’m an idiot for all of this. It was a joke and Little Man thinks it is serious. My wife thinks this whole thing is crazy, that one old woman has caused so much internet traffic. She has seen my site and finds it funny, but most do. So as for his 1000’s of subscribers I wish him well and hope that you are satisfied with the content he produces. I’m not but that is my opinion. You would not believe the views this site that you despise so much gets. No my life does not revolve around the Matthies, but I do what people like and will continue to do so. Since you have such a great admiration for your idol you might be in the wrong place but thanks I will take the views from you just the same.

  2. I’m thinking that Wes didn’t want to move from the old place where she was evicted from- Maria, thinking that she could move back into the old place with Wes because he was paying the bills left her new apt funded by Hud and by leaving the new place probably f**ked herself with HUD?? So maybe Wes did take off or he is really in jail and now she is stuck without a place to live??? Wes didn’t pay the rent because he thought he was going to live in Maryland or Tennessee?? Does anyone know what is really going on and is Wes really in the can for being a sexual predator??? I’m just curious!!!

    1. She has been kicked off HUD for awhile.They moved to the new place but Maria decided she hated it,so they talked to the old landlord and he let them back in but at 1000.00 a month. When Wes left to go meet the catfish, he took his money,food stamp card and a few bags of clothes. He got stranded in Albany when the catfish didnt show and he went to his sisters, who I guess lives near there. Hes been at his sisters ever since and refuses to come back and wont talk to Maria. The predator thing may be real and thats why hes not in Potsdam. She has till Wed to get out, or landlord will file eviction through the courts to have her removed. Thats all I know for now.

  3. I’d like to see added to the “other related dirtbags” section Barbie/Denise/Rose & Ken. Barbie likes to belittle bullies but she’s the biggest bully of them all. She got caught making slanderous yt names about someone. If you make a comment she doesnt like or question her about anything on one of her shitty videos she deletes your comment. You should add Charity Aaron Anderson too. There isn’t enough room in this comment block to talk about everything that wierdo does.

    1. Barbie is a CUNT. She got shut down by Amy May and I think it’s hilarious. She (Barbie) posted a bunch of disco dancing videos thinking they would go viral and only one of them got maybe 160 views. People saw through her shit real fast. She feeds off the drama and people saw right through her. She needs to go back where she came from: NOTHING.

  4. I wish they would put Maria away where she will get the care she needs! ! I mean she can’t even pay her own way in the world-she is too crazy to work with other people and a job probably wouldn’t last a week!!! She needs to scam people or depend on Wes even with disability! Her mental state works against her!! WTF is wrong with her case workers??? She needs treatment!!

  5. After I originally left a comment I seem to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on each time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the exact same comment. There has to be a means you are able to remove me from that service? Thanks a lot!

  6. These people make me so made! My husband and I have worked our butts off since high school to get what we have and we are losing it because of an injury and I’ve never asked anyone for anything, and this woman gets everything handed to her and has the never to take from others! Not to mention her abusing her son, drinking, smoking, and probably drugging! I don’t understand how some people get so much help!

  7. What gets me is she’s able to upload videos, by the original artists and if I try to do the same, of my super cute grandkids, I’m not allowed., she’s gross and I can’t help watching!

  8. You seem to in the know so I’ll ask you this question. I have seen many people mention a video that Maria and Wes sent to a 14 year old girl. Do you know anything about this? Is it true? If so, is there evidence somewhere? Thanks!

  9. “admin” I am sorry that I have not replied sooner to you but I have a family and a life that takes up so much of my time that I just totally forgot about you and this “site”. I really doubt that any decent woman would think that you or this site is funny. Then again, we are talking about a woman who would marry the type of “man” that is obssessed with another woman that he “claims” that he doesn’t care for. Is Patty Wheeler your wife? I think you have a thing for Maria myself, but hey, so what? I’m not judging. It’s actually pretty sad and pathetic that someone would waste time and energy to even make a pitiful site like this. I have over 10 domains and even the ones that aren’t in use are more interesting than this one. Ever hear the saying “Live and let live?” You seem to have a vendetta against Maria and against Ron and his #STAYNEGATIVE show. It is not a “little radio show with 50 followers” as you say. He is backed by the #NEGATIVENATION and our numbers are not small by any means. We will see how long it takes you to delete this comment because you are so scared that he may gain some fans through you. Don’t worry. You’ve already helped in that way and I’m sure he really appreciates it. I think your 5 minutes of fame is over and his fame is only getting bigger and better. Am I really in the wrong place? You can block me if you want. That’s something that “LM”, as you like to call him, doesn’t do. He welcomes everyone to his show or channel, whether you like him or not. You’re right about the fact that he makes money on his YT channel. He’ll be the first to admit it. You tried to but YT banned you and you tried so many times, you said it yourself. Obviously “Little Man” knows exactly what he’s doing, unlike you. I’m gonna go now. I’m quite bored here and frankly, I refuse to have a battle of the wits with an unarmed person. Have a great day Ben Dover or admin The Truth or Jelly Bean whatever fake name you’re hiding behind today and…Rock on!

    1. Well have fun over there and enjoy yourself. I appreciate you checking in here. You seem to have a real affinity for unknown Youtubers. Maybe stick with them. Told you all before I am not The Truth, Jelly Bean whatever the fuck that is. I do this and some like you you don’t, and I just don’t give a fuck.

      1. Lmao! Nope. This is not Ron. I’m sure he has better things to do than to give free publicity to this pathetic failure of a website. He has become quite popular. This site is just a pathetic attempt to “ride the coat tails” of Maria and #STAYNEGATIVE. Sorry dude. Your great plan to be famous by trashtalking other human beings has failed very miserably! Maybe you decided to actually get a life. Good for you!!! Yayyy!!!

          1. Bored here on a Friday night and was looking through your content. I agree with a small portion of your thoughts but must correct you on staynegative. I can’t deal with this slander. While I don’t know him personally, neither do you. His “fisher price radio show” is quite good. Have you listened to it? You both sound like you share common views as you seem to have little patience with non-sense much like Ron. Bury the hatchet. I haven’t heard anything about you from his channel in a long time. Hopefully you have more than him supposedly receiving government assistance. Nobody knows that but him. It’s not your business. He is a parent of a special needs child and holy hell. Who are you to judge that? God bless him for stepping up and raising his son on his own.
            Ok. Said my peace. Respectfully!

          2. Thanks for your message. Just so it is clear the battle that exists between us was started and perpetuated by him. He wants to have his little world good for him. But he keeps dragging me into his nonsense. I truly do not bother with him anymore. But I will not stand by while he lies about me. I wrote him and he blocked me. Then went on his “radio show” and blatantly lied and said I blocked him. He is the one that threatened to come visit me, which I would have gladly welcomed. If he stays in his own little world I won’t bother with him. But you should really be aware of the game he plays.

  10. Love your site! I actually saw the videos on Facebook which is how I came across your site, and felt sorry for these people because people were mocking them. I have a son with disabilities so I get a little worked up when I see stuff like that. Anyway, my point is, your site gave me information that I was unaware of, the sickness of her letting her own son be molested, the scams these people pull while people with REAL disabilities are unable to get access to funding because of people like THEM pulling from the system. I want to say thank you for shedding light on the REAL story, and I hope more people come to your site and find out about these people instead of laughing and giving them undeserved attention.

  11. Just wondering if you will be putting any newer videos or info up regarding Maria? I know that some people on YT have gotten threats & are being harassed so they’ve pulled down their videos of her. This website has been important for informing people that aren’t aware of Maria or know what & how she is so thanks for having this available to share w/people. I hope your website does not get taken down. If I have any info regarding her how can I notify you of them so you can decide whether you want to post it?

    1. Thanks I will continue to post videos. If you have any info you would like to share just comment here, it won’t be seen until I approve so you can use this to send messages. Thanks and I appreciate your comments

  12. I’ve seen her videos, first they were ewww lol. But then finding out she’s a scammer. Also found news article about stabbing a child.. (I did not fact check this) among a ton of other outrageous things about her son.
    Then saw this page, wow!
    And I believe she’s a drinker, possibly more… (Just my observation)
    I’m pissed, she didn’t work but looks pretty flexible humping her disgusting husband! See, ewwww!

  13. I was wondering if the witch has aids? I seen a site awhile back where the woman said she was the cousin. How Maria ex husband or boyfriend died of AIDS and she has the disease.
    The new video posted look like a black mark on her face. Kinda under eyes upper cheek. The hollow neck . The no vitamins in the hair.
    Another thing I curious about why is she getting disability check? The welfare office can see she able to work. Should be investaged on how much money people send her?

  14. Ben trying time find out how to send you newest video of her with a pregnancy test I’ve got new videos on my Google page

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