NEW! Fat Bastard Falls In Love Quicker Than Granny Can Wreck A Song

So I got a new conversation with Fat Bastard sent to me.  I want to thank the viewer who was able to contain their disgust and have a conversation with Fat Bastard.  As you will see he falls in love in the first few texts.  This like a coyote he is so desperate to get the hell away from Granny he would probably chew his arm off.  I started to blur out the name and avatar but later just completely whited it out.  Hope you can follow along. Anyway take a look and don’t worry there is no nudity.

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16 thoughts on “NEW! Fat Bastard Falls In Love Quicker Than Granny Can Wreck A Song

    WES thinks he will be getting his noodle wet again HAHAHA

    Looks like Maria got the hots for #staynegative in the worst way, they make good match both unemployed government leeches who do not like to shower or work, both live in HUD housing collecting foodstamps they might as well hook up already…

  2. Brilliant! That stupid whore thinks everybody’s lying to her about him cheating! HERE’S YOUR PROOF SKELETOR MARIA!

  3. He wants out of there sooo bad!! I almost wish someone would take him in and follow through and see what ole nasty granny does then!! That would for sure be an ah ha ha ha moment!!!

  4. Wes needs to be put back into the wild in a large lake with the other catfish. Granny I think will lose it for sure what ever she has left. IT’S easy to see Wes doesn’t even like granny what world are they living in??

  5. Poor male chip should just leave Maria if he is not satisfied with her instead if looking for another female chimp to save him-he is very much like a human child!!! His writing and grammar is absolutely atrocious! ! It’s almost sad how desperate he seems to get out of his marriage with the Demo!!!

  6. I think it is sad he is so desperate to be away from the Rockin Demo! Someone should accommodate him and freak ole Rockin Demo out! It will make for more entertainment as lame as it is!

  7. Looks like Wes may have finally made the 1st step which is always the hardest—leaving. I hear he’s staying at his sisters place. I think I can safely say everybody is rooting for Wes & hope he can finally have some sort of a normal life away from that pos Maria. I wish him well.

  8. Did he actually buy the ticket and go?..Did this conversation really happen? Are people this desperate??? So many

    1. No he never bought that ticket. But he did leave some weeks later. He now lives with his sister and brother in law. He even has a new girlfriend.

  9. As entertaining as this all is, I have to say that duping a man who’s obviously mentally challenged is wrong. It’s actually quite sad.

  10. I truly feel bad for wes he obviously got played and its awful i hope wherever he is atm hes doin great and not being sucked back into her gravitational pull of bullshit!!

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