So Granny caught wind that that her ex-husband was sending inappropriate texts out to women. Sure she was humming his best friend in a car but he is the guilty one.  Well Granny said she will get even for what he did.  She got even with all of us. Now getting even could mean many things.  It could mean a divorce or a pan up aside the head.  No what she did was much worse, unthinkable.  This is not for the faint of heart and NOT FOR CHILDREN

So scroll down at you own risk.  You have been warned.













56 thoughts on “Granny Likes Fishin Too WARNING CONTAINS GRAPHIC PIC

  1. Last time I left comment I got made fun of by LM who is always showing his insecurities! I am not triggered either and he is boring! Glad to see you back!

    1. I saw, he has issues. He has dedicated a number of his “Fisher-Price Radio Shows” to talking about me. It’s cute. Meanwhile if I comment he deletes it and blocks me.

      1. I hate these big mouth assholes who can run their mouths off, ridicule and criticize other people but but can’t take it when they are the subject of ridicule & criticism!!! I bet he will go for Maria and get her to take her false teeth out first thing???

      2. Hey admin- you should cover Marias little skin tag boobies and her fuzzy coochie coo with stickers just in case some butt hurt little puke decides to report your blog for nudity???

          1. I love this site! More and more posts, screenshots and videos will be posted with proof they are nasty, vile liars and scammers. But yet, the blind, deaf and dumb will still insist she isn’t hurting anyone. I will never understand their thinking. Grrrr!!!
            But I bet if one of their kids were raped it would be a totally different story! They could NEVER convince me that they would be OK with the predator posting nudes and with little kids. They are liars themselves.

      1. Hey there, admin. What’s your channel? I’d like to check it out. Thanks for all of the updates on here. It’s fascinating, disgusting and hysterical all rolled into one.

  2. In all honesty, she looks exactly the same WITHOUT clothes as she does WITH them! She puts it all out there when she is doing her “sexy (GAG) dancing”, There’s nothing left to the imagination, simply because – SHE DOESN’T HAVE ANYTHING!! What you see WITH clothes is exactly what ya see without! Scarey!!!!!! She’s the most disgusting thing I have EVER seen, and she actually thinks she is SEXY!! 2 areolas on her chest? What happened to the teets?? And folks, that is NOT a pierced belly button! She has a growth hangin there!! The way she wiggles her ass, and watches her crotch gyrate as she humps the air, then slaps her ass, and bellers like a wolf in heat – wtf IS that?!? LOL! Makes ya want to puke!!!!
    Wes is an idiot too, but, at least he was smart enough to get out while he could!! She is SICK!!!!

    1. Omg…you hit it straight up! I was thinking the same thing…she has no body and she looks the same without her clothes…its all nauseating!

  3. Wow!!!..I’m so repulsed.. (Gag). Does she know about this site??lol…its great!! I just can’t believe what she did to her son.. She makes the dumbest videos too but damn I can’t stop watching lol…so is it true WES really left her this time iv heard he left a few times but it was a lie I guess to get money some how???.idk..also where is her son now?? Was he taken from her?? And who found all this out about the woman raping her son?? Who shined the light on it?

  4. I told my teenage son that i was gonna have this blown up into poster size to go on his wall. He said geez Mom I’d never ever wanna see another naked girl. Haha checkmate mission accomplished✔

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