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Here is something interesting. Granny is looking for new “Fuck Buddies” I guess.
In case you can’t read it, it says:

I just wanted to say I fantasize having sex with you I don’t know why and your very handsome you make me laugh even if you hate me your my idol not a friend or lover don’t ever forget me love you rockin demo Rock on.

The Matthies have spawned numerous parasites.  These people have come across these dancing fools and have figured out that they can make money off of them.  Most of the time, they start out hating the Matthies and then once they see an opportunity to make money their view changes.  The people I have seen are habitual liars and change the facts to suit their needs.  They beg for attention and hope to gain ad revenue.  The Matthies are a boil on the ass of society and if you are making money off them you are no better.  So visitors, this page is dedicated to those money grubbing, attention whores.  Have some one you would like to add to our “Hall of Shame”?  Put their name in the comments.
I want to dedicate a section to one of the biggest dirtbags ever, a love child of the Matthies, so to speak. I won’t name him other than “Little Man” (LM). If you follow this freak show known as the Matthies and those that do whatever they can to benefit from them, you will know who I am talking about. LM is an unemployed, stay at home dad, so he tells you. He is a drain on the system much like Granny. He gets assistance and when he needs a new computer he begs for one and sets up a gofundme page. How did you get your last laptop? Did you have to beg for it? Probably not. So where did he come from? What he doesn’t like to tell you is that YouTube banned him from advertising for two years because he was buying views for his channel. He will bitch and complain about people who don’t like him that their medicine cabinets are full of drugs. What he doesn’t want you to tell you is that he nearly died from Anti-Psychotic drugs. He claims he should not have been given the drugs but that he also suffered PTSD. PTSD from what? Watching his junk videos? Cause you can all claim that if you saw any of them. So how did he end up in Matthie world. The Little Guy found out that Granny had a large following-just what he looks for. So LM made a video about Granny. Granny complained and he got a strike on his YouTube account. The little guy was pissed and threw a tantrum. I asked him if I could post the video on my channel but he said no because he couldn’t get revenue if it was posted on my page so I said ok, I wouldn’t want you to lose money. Shortly thereafter, he joined a Anti-Matthie group I was in. The group was fraught with issues of trust and he left as did all others. While he was in the group he wanted to know anything, everything negative about Granny. He made a series of videos outing those negative findings. Findings we all know by now. He left the group and then made another crybaby video saying that people in that group had mental issues, were mean and obsessed. We were as he stated bullies. LM basically trolls YouTube and looks for pathetic subjects that have a large following. Once he finds them he attempts to sadly hook his busted ass cart to them. There was a group that formed after the original group disappeared. It is a social group that has a common interest, we all dislike Granny. I wrote the little guy and told to cut the shit, or we would have an issue and all was fair. A man to man conversation. So I guess I scared the little tyke he immediately blocked me and I never heard from him. He has a lame ass free internet broadcast that honestly is a waste of bandwidth. On his little shit show he tells everyone how I blocked him, a outright lie and he knows it. So in this public forum I extend the opportunity for him to respond to me. An open channel for him to put his money where his little mouth is. If I blocked you so you couldn’t respond as you claim, you must be excited to be able to respond. On his radio show he constantly tells his 50 listeners that I am obsessed with Granny. That I am a fan. I am a fan of all the stupid stuff she does. I want you all to see it and I don’t want her to get the views. Obsessed in his continuing visits to this site, his continued visits to channels of obese women and to Granny. Where he will tell whomever that will listen that these people have mental issues and are “retards” and that the obese women are “pigs”. All this comes from a guy who has no real job. I got a clip of his shit show that said he said that he won. Won what cause life has butt-fucked you pretty hard, little guy. He, up until recently, lived with his mommy. He left his hometown of Connersville and moved to Morristown. He had issues in his old town and was not well liked. He said that I should worry about my wife leaving me. Wow dick! Is that how you see marriage? Women leave their husbands? Is that because your wife left you? Was it because you contributed nothing to the household, was it a “performance” issue? I am surprised your wrestling videos couldn’t make you a fortune. I am sorry little man that your wife, whom I will not name here, left you. I am sorry that another man is raising two of your children. Doing a job that you couldn’t do. I am sorry that your kids must be embarrassed by their lazy, useless sperm donor. Their new dad should be commended for taking care of your responsibilities. So to clarify the little man’s assumptions. The cat-fishing texts to Wes were not created nor did they originate from me. They were sent to me and we wanted the world to see what Wes is. The nudes are a furtherance of proof of their fake bullshit lives. Sure they are happily married, much like I guess you were. I can only assume how difficult your life must be. You whole pathetic life based around trying to make you fortune from other channel’s. You have a tiny amount of viewers and yet you claim you make money. Really how? They usually pay people who actually have views, that’s not you. I will not mention your name to give you any credit or traffic. It is not fair to direct people to the biggest shit show ever, hosted by the biggest hypocrite ever to wait in line for food stamps. But you Mr Insecure feel free to mention me, in your dumbass videos. I’ll entertain your 50 listeners. You brought me into your tiny little world. I hope you like it. Am I “triggered” as you stupidly say? No little dumbass I think we should set the record straight.

14 thoughts on “Other Related Dirtbags

  1. Your site cracks me up., before you had selfies of Wes, was they taking down? I was telling friends about them and now we can’t find them..

  2. Do you feel like a big man now? Tearing down the reputation of a man who raises a young child and who does not live off the government. You should be ashamed of yourself, and you owe Ron an apology. And please don’t think I didn’t notice you called him Little Man, because that’s what he calls his son. You are an evil, horrible, person. Ron is more of a man than you will EVER be. But if that poorly written article makes you feel better, then you must have the smallest micro-penis ever. You probably need tweezers and a magnifying glass to find it.

    1. Thanks but he does live off the government. You should really figure out what shit he is feeding you. And for your info that dumb ass started all this shit not me. If he can’t take it then he should shut his fuckin mouth, oh yeah so should you. Don’t like the site go suck the little man

    2. Lol, Ron is on welfare. He’s admitted it plenty of times. Ron’s stans are really the dumbest pieces of white trash the local dump has to offer.

  3. He is the biggest piece of shit on youtube. I cannot wait for the day he has a tantrum and storms off, mainly because he isn’t making shit money wise. And that government cheese doesn’t last all month.He has become a wishy washy pathetic ass sucker.

  4. Eastender, you I know you are but what am I retorts remind me of a five-year-old. Go suck up to that middle-aged douche some more.

  5. The Christmas With Granny poem was fantastic! That had me belly laughing so hard my coworkers had to come and see what I was reading! Hahahahahahaha!

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