You Might Be Asking Who She Is

You might just be asking yourself who is “Rockin Demo”.  Rockin Demo is a resident of Potsdam, NY.  Granny, fancies herself a singer and a dancer.  Some of her other videos are often of Maria, known as Granny, telling her song of woe, as she attempts to garner pity for her situation.  She was married but her husband left her and has filed for divorce. Contrary to the her supporters he left her because he caught her cheating. He caught her blowing his best friend in a car. She is a documented hoarder, via her own video.  She has accumulated so much junk that a code officer warned her that she had to clean up her junk.  She did, by merely moving it to another room.  Granny served 30 days in jail for allowing her son to be sexually abused by a woman she allowed to live in her home.  The article tells of how the abuse was allowed to happen.  If you don’t know her and have only seen her videos you probably feel sorry for her.  DON’T! There is always more to the story and we will bring it to you here.

76 thoughts on “You Might Be Asking Who She Is

      1. Why isn’t this page current. I am obsessed! Lol! All the great things posted…I’m dead! I have a horrible fascination to watch the antics but it’s so much more satisfying to see this page.

        1. She has been kind of quite lately. I will be putting up some new captioned vids and I’ll let you know if anything new happens

  1. This website is better than the last! I can only imagine how great the next one will be in case this one gets taken down!

        1. Mighty confident aren’t ya? If you’ve got so much pull why for God’s sake don’t you #1 convince your sister to clean her house & #2 convince Maria to stop making vids? Can you do that?

      1. Even if everything your saying is true about her, who are we to judge. Let he that’s without sin, cast the first stone. Love one another.

  2. I have sent Maria money to help her out and would do it again. You are bullying this poor woman. Constant harassment and bullying like this have caused people to die at their own hand.
    What you are doing is horrific and full of half truths and outright lies.

      1. Funny how she’s saying not to bully yet I’ve seen the video of Maria making fun of a transgender teen!!!!!! Is that not bullying!?! These people should know who they’re sticking up for! That woman is a vile human being that scams people out of money amongst other disgusting things she’s done! Admin, you have a lot of supporters. Keep doing what your doing! People should know what kind of person she really is. She’s not the victim she plays in videos!

        1. Thanks for the kind words. Many believe the poor me videos, many even try to make money off of Granny. This site is just here for information and amusement. It does not generate any money for me. I am glad that you and others see her for what she is – a scammer.

      2. What do you mean we will see about that one why would you mess with someone who’s trying to get the truth out to the people

    1. I live in the same county as this scamming pos. You really need to know your facts before you run your mouth.She did in fact pimp her 13 yr old son to a female Pedophile for Money. She served only 30 days for child endangerment. She has scammed people out of money stating she was being evicted. HUD pays her rent and I live in the area. She doesn’t pay 1000 dollars a month for rent. She receives food stamps and disability. She is a CON and a LIAR. I have seen screenshots of her asking for money from her fans. She posted another one of her poor,pitiful Maria videos saying she was leaving her husband. He in fact left her about a month and a half ago. He came home and caught her screwing around with one of his friends. She plays the victim when she is anything but. She has posted nude pictures of her gross ass on the internet. I have seen screenshots of her son begging her to stop making videos and she refused! Who posts videos of themselves packing and supposedly leaving multiple times yet never does. Who has a camera focused on their door? She said she was leaving in one of her videos yet left the lights on,cigarette burning and music playing. As far as being a bully,it isn’t bullying to post the truth. Maria bullies people calling them fucktards,making racist and homophobic remarks and encouraged someone to kill themself. Here’s an idea,if she is so traumatized by being bullied,she should stop making videos. She has put every aspect of her life on social media so she is to blame for that. Maria cares about Maria. She doesn’t need the money. She wants it and expects it. Take the money and give it to a food pantry or animal shelter. She doesn’t need or deserve it.

      1. omg thank you I have been attacked by people for saying just this!! People are such idiots for giving their money to this ungrateful POS!!

    2. Please do your research. That woman (Maria Conklin-Matthies) is mentally ill. She killed her 3 year old daughter in 1998. How can you support her behavior?

    3. Yep sending these people money is not a good choice. Did she murder her three year old? They say well that’s Marie that done that. I don’t see a Marie and a Maria matthie both from Potsdam to be different people. Sorry not buying it.

    4. Good Lord. Theres a huge difference from bullying and putting the truth out there. While youre enabling her to 1. lie and cheat the system and 2. contribute to her horrible behavior, at least look up bullying in the dictionary.

    5. Dolly people aren’t harassing her and do a little research..these people are scam artists n she did jail time for allowing an older woman to rape her 13 year old son repeatedly!..they are terrible people..please don’t be taken by them!!! watch this video to start..u will have to kep pausing it to read it but worth it and read one of the MANY articles on them..there is a REASON

  3. Pretty fuckin good ahhwooo slander is in the process for all you pigs kiss my ass like in my videos your names don’t hurt me rock on haters!!!

    1. Its hard to say what’s true or not. People can post stuff that’s looks so real. Who is to say unless they live next door and see it with their own eyes. If I were the Maria I would keep any and all personal business (cheating, packing,moving) out of the publics eyes. Film your dance videos and leave it at that. Some of us enjoy them. When u throw personal stuff out there u open the door for …exactly what’s going on now. Good luck to the matthies. I hope to see you dancing again soon. Im a retired dancer and I love to see people enjoying themselves with the feel of the music. Rock on awhhoo!

    2. It’s ok, prison for fraud if the IRS is in the works for you, ya whore! You ever thought about going to the dentist you toothless wonder? Your gross! And your a fraud!! Karma is a bitch!, she will catch you!,

  4. So glad someone is here to call this the way it deserves to be called. Obviously this nasty abomination needs to be shamed and laughed at. If not for a laugh what other reason is this waste of oxygen on my planet?

  5. I hope this site is never shut down! Some of us enjoy watching. Some people are very cruel and just need to delete and stop watching. We are suppose to teach our children not to bully others and I see a lot of it on here which is sad. You people think it’s cool to be nasty but what you are really showing is that you are a very sad human. How would you people feel if it was some one you was very close too and people was saying these nasty things to. It’s the same thing! Just stop watching and find some one else to bully because apparently no one taught you good manners and that bullying is wrong!!!

  6. I red somewhere a long time ago. A family member post that she had sex with another family member. Forgot who it was brother dad or uncle. And has aids, Was wondering is that true?

  7. I think she’s amazing. Me & my husband watch her every night. I like to see her cooking & eating. Pretty Fucken good.. take it at face value.

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