Fat Bastard Gets Caught Up In A Fishin’ Mess WARNING CONTAINS GRAPHIC PICS

If you have seen our boy, Fat Bastard, you know he is quite a specimen.  Often he has sought the companionship of another woman outside his blissful marriage to Granny.  Before you judge him as a cheater, know that Granny has had her own lustful desires for others too.  There was a poor guy named Dennis.  I fear that Dennis had to join the witness protection program or other such program to avoid Granny Gummer.

So, as Fat Bastard has access to the internet he has discovered that a plethora of women apparently “want” him bad.  The following is from one of his latest ladies.  The screenshots are difficult to keep in order.  You will, however, be able to see this “love affair” develop and then end in a way you might never suspect.  Warning some of this is inappropriate for younger visitors. Enjoy!


So our boy blew off his new girl.  Now he needs to know that she is real and loves him.  So he wants photos.  Well his girl is happy to send them cause she is beautiful.  Just look for yourself.


Fat Bastard is a lucky man!  Seems legit.  Keep reading the best it yet to come!


WOW that was a good bit of reading.  Glad your still here cause it gets better.14429506_1023538124410109_160285063_n14445834_1023538114410110_874141130_n

They exchange more pictures.  By now Fat Bastard is charged up and ready to go.  But oh no, he gets cock blocked by a Fucktard.  Somebody told Granny!


Old Fat Bastard doesn’t care, he’s got his woman and her pictures.


They are a couple now and announce it to the world. Since he is in love with a woman he never met, what is the next logical step.  Show that woman that you love her Fat Bastard.


That’s right send her your best dick pics.  Who cares that you don’t wear underwear.  She loves you the pictures would never go any further.  But wait this is the internet, Fat Bastard.  What you put out here tends to stay out here. But, this is definitely something that should not be out here.

So for now, the videos have stopped but we all now that she can’t stop her need for attention.  They will be back. Coming soon I will upload all the videos I have. They will be here away from YouTube’s reach.  They will remain here for all to watch and enjoy.

30 thoughts on “Fat Bastard Gets Caught Up In A Fishin’ Mess WARNING CONTAINS GRAPHIC PICS

  1. This is awful. You tricked an old man, good job. Posting his nudes is wrong. Interfering in their marriage is wrong and for what? Because they posted dancing videos and are on welfare? You should be ashamed.

    1. Thanks for the comment. But just for the record I tricked no one. I did not contact nor pretend to be someone else. This was done by someone and sent to me. I hardly believe that anyone interfered with their marriage. That marriage was on the final turn. That I can tell you for sure, her husband said that. We all have standards and I am not ashamed, they should be. I am going to give some internet advice-never post your nude ass anywhere cause bad shit always happens. Here that Anthony Weiner.

    2. No, they did the right thing putting him out there like that..after all..the cheating Wes is cheating..when folks are bad, they should be exposed..the mr. And mrs have been scamming all us who felt sorry for her…we didn’t know she was taking the money to buy meth, crack and bud light…but yes…everyone was supporting their drug and alcohol…so fuck them..we will bring them down now !!!

  2. Haha this is hilarious!! And to the people on Facebook that comments on her videos and praising her and all that I think it would be a good idea to hit reply..and post her nude pic on their comments

  3. Hey how do I get my erect pics here? I’m bigger than him and your showing me soft. Message me on fb.I think it’s only fair for you to post an erect pic of me with my sand trap hat and in return i will give you two pics if Chrystal a.k.a Chris Dunmire who so sweetly shown you all my junk soft.

    1. Submit any pic you choose I’ll post it. It should have your face to prove it’s you. You are entitled to have a “Full” version.

  4. You know that it is against the law to post nude pictures of someone without their consent? Well now you do , and I am turning this over to the authorities alone with the ip address they came from. And reporting this garbage to the host as well. You are a horrible person, and I am sure there is a special place for you in hell!! Good Luck…and find a good lawyer!!

    1. Sad on Christmas eve you are here looking at naked granny and defending her dusty honor. You know that she posted them on the internet right. She posted in an open forum and they were reposted. No law broken Attorney Dipshit. Kentucky must be lonely.

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